International Opportunities

Does the idea of living an international life entice you? Would you like to be someone who studies abroad for a semester, backpacks through Southeast Asia for a summer, and eventually finds an internship or job in Paris, Rome, Rio, Bombay or Shanghai after graduation? How would you like to visit good friends living in Nairobi, Dubai or Amsterdam? You can do all of this and more by starting early. Your time here at university is, without question, the best place to start gaining international experience and building the international skills important in today’s global economy.

International skills are unique and the earlier you begin to build them, the better. You need to gain international experience over time to truly develop these skills. But, keep two points in mind: first, you can gain international experience before you even travel abroad, and second, there’s no limit to the possibilities once you have it!

Gaining International Experience

Here are some suggestions to get started:

  1. Take international courses.
  2. Contact professors who have international experience.
  3. Read international news.
  4. Make friends with international students on campus.
  5. Join international student clubs.
  6. Attend international events.
  7. Get information about going abroad.
  8. Think about studying abroad for a semester or more in your third year.
  9. Consider taking a gap semester abroad to volunteer abroad, travel or learn a second language.
  10. Succeed in finding an international internship or internationally-oriented work to work abroad after graduation.

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