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Declining an Offer

There may be a time in your job search where you are faced with declining a job offer. The reason for declining may range from finding another job, finding out information about the job that no longer makes it desirable, to the pay not being sufficient. Despite your reasoning, the way you turn down an offer will say a lot about your character and so you want to do it in a respectful manner.

As soon as you know that you are going to decline the offer contact the employer formally, preferably by phone or email as a second choice. You should indicate your appreciation for the offer and the opportunity to interview. State that you are declining their offer. You may tell them why, but are not required to – remember to be brief and maintain a positive and thankful tone.

Although declining an offer is best done verbally, below is a sample email letter. You may consider this example to create a script before calling an employer to decline an offer.


To: Alana Prentice <>
From: Mona Mustang <>
Subject: It Consultant Offer

Dear Ms. Prentice,

Thank you very much for offering me the position of IT Consultant with your organization. After careful consideration, I have decided to pursue a different position, and so I respectfully decline your offer.

I appreciated the opportunity to interview with you and wish you and your organization continued success.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.


Mona Mustang