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At some point during your job search, a potential employer will request references. Typically, it will be when the company is seriously interested in you as a potential candidate. This can “make or break” the opportunity for you, so your references need to be carefully chosen and nurtured. In some cases, your references may also be helpful in your networking process.  It is important to provide a list of references who can attest to the skills and qualifications that you have for the job to which you are applying. 

Prepare ahead of time so that you have your references together before you need them. This will save you from scrambling to put a list together at the last minute. Good references who are willing to attest to your capabilities may be the deciding factor in securing the position.

When Do I Supply References?

How Many References Do I Need and Whom Do I Choose?

Do I Need to Let People Know I am Going to Use Them as a Reference?

Letters of reference that stand out:

Questions a Potential Employer Might Ask One of Your References:

For an idea of how to write a reference page see our references template or our references example. Always have your references on a separate sheet of paper and use the same header and style as your resume and cover letter.