Western's Co-Curricular Record

Your Western experience is extraordinary.

You came to Western with specific goals in mind for your future, and these goals likely informed your choice of degree.

You also have unique and varied interests that will inform your decisions about your co-curricular involvements while you’re studying at Western.

You might be passionate about social justice, and decide to participate in a Community Engaged Learning (CEL) project. Maybe you are dedicated to healthy living, and want to join an intramural sports team.

Perhaps you’re looking to develop your leadership skills, and run for a University Students’ Council position. Whatever activities you pursue, they can help you develop and strengthen your skills and competencies – in communication, leadership, and social responsibility, among others.

While at Western, these skills and competencies will help you thrive in your academic studies as you connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. But, that’s not where it ends.

Your transcript only tells half the story.

In addition to supporting your academic success, your co-curricular activities can also help you thrive personally and professionally.

We know that engaged students are happier, more balanced, and build strong social connections. We also know that employers are looking to hire new graduates who are well-rounded, and have a variety of learning experiences – inside and outside the classroom. It will be your job to translate your experiences in a way that speaks powerfully to what employers want and need.

Important Notes (NEW!)


- Staff and Faculty at Western who act as validators for activities in the Co-Curricular Record have until May 30 to complete all validations in the system.

- We have worked hard to include most co-curricular activities available on campus in the system. However, if you are not able to find an activity, please contact us at wccr@uwo.ca and send us the name of the activity (i.e., LEP), your role in that activity (i.e., Module Facilitator), and the name and email address of a staff/faculty member at Western who is attached to that activity.

- For USC Clubs, if you held an executive position, you can add them with a generic USC Club activity and role. For example, if you were the VP Events for the Dragonboat Club, you would have to search USC Club – VP Finance and add that activity to your record. Although we would love to have all Clubs in the system, that would mean having over 1,000 different clubs and over 5 different roles for each club, which would make the system difficult to use.

- Finally, make sure you are adding activities associated with your campus (main campus or an affiliated college). We are working in collaboration with Brescia University College, King’s University College and Huron University College. In the system you may find the same activity (i.e., Orientation Week – Soph) attached to four different organizations. Please be mindful to this as you add activities to your record.

Western’s Co-Curricular Record can help you share your story.

Western’s Co-Curricular Record is a collaboration between Western University and its Affiliated Colleges – Brescia University College, King’s University College and Huron University College.

This program allows you to:

  • Learn more about all of the out-of-classroom activities available at Western
  • Reflect on, and identify key learning outcomes gained through your activities
  • Prepare a personalized document of your key activities that is validated by staff and faculty members
  • Adapt your record to specific audiences (e.g. job interview, graduate school application)
Get started now!

To access Western’s Co-Curricular Record, go to https://www.westerncareercentral.ca/myAccount/ccr/overview.htm

If you have any questions regarding the program, you can contact the WCCR Coordinator at wccr@uwo.ca.

We look forward to helping you make your student experience extraordinary!