Western's Co-Curricular Record

What is Western's Co-Curricular Record?

- A planning tool: you can search through a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities, and plan ahead for your co-curricular engagement throughout your studies at Western

- A learning tool: once you have participated in an activity, you can engage in reflection to understand the skills and abilities you developed through your involvement

- A recognition tool: you can showcase the breadth of your experiences at Western. The record is customizable and ready to print at any time. Use it for a job interview, a volunteer opportunity, or a grad school application!

- A competitive edge for your professional future!

Important Deadlines

Deadline to add activities to your personal record: April 30, 2016

Deadline for activities to be validated: May 30, 2016

We understand that you may need to use your personal record before the end of the academic year. We work closely with staff and faculty to make sure that activity requests are validated before the end of the academic year, upon special request. Keep in mind the following:

-One time events (e.g. workshops) can be validated before the deadline

-Year-long commitments (e.g. Soph) cannot be validated until the end of the academic year

Get started now!

To access Western’s Co-Curricular Record, go to https://www.westerncareercentral.ca/myAccount/ccr/overview.htm

If you have any questions regarding the program, you can contact the WCCR Coordinator at wccr@uwo.ca.

We look forward to helping you make your student experience extraordinary!

Don't forget, look for our Stamp of Approval on Co-Curricular Activities offered throughout Western

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