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Current Global Experience Opportunities

International CEL Courses

Rwanda: Culture, Society & Reconstruction

Professor Henri Boyi

In this course, students will learn about the history, culture and people of Rwanda, having an opportunity to immerse themselves in an international environment.

Modern Languages and Literature: Intermediate and Advanced Spanish

Ana Garcia Allen

Combining grammar and communication this course prepares students to discuss, read and write about a variety of topics and to explore ideas about Hispanic culture in relation to their own. Includes a Community Service Learning trip to Cuba over Reading Week.

Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs

Classical Studies: Study Tour to Greece

Dr. Bernd Steinbock

This is an intensive 3-week long study tour to Greece, which offers you a unique international learning experience. Ancient Greek history, literature and culture will be discussed in direct relation to the physical remains in museums and archaeological sites, such as the Athenian Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia and Mycenae.

MIT: Representing the Holocaust – Museums, Memorials and the Politics of Memory in Poland

Dr. Amanda Grzyb

This interdisciplinary travel course explores the changing landscape of post-Soviet Holocaust memory in Poland through the study of museums, death camp memorials, and other forms of public memory. It includes five meetings between January and April, followed by a two-week trip to Polish sites of memory in May

MOS: Strategic Management

Professors Raymond Leduc and Ruth Ann Strickland

The two week intensive course integrates the material with the setting and allows students to have a truly global strategic management experience.  In addition to the course, the students are matched with mentors who are Western alumni living and working in Hong Kong.  This allows students to learn about career options and what it takes to succeed in this exciting city.  

Classical Studies: Vindolandia Field School

Dr. Elizabeth Greene and Dr. Alexander Meyer

This program will be an intense and very rewarding five-week experience for university students each summer. It is designed for motivated students of archaeology, Classics and history with some previous knowledge of the Roman world. No prior excavation experience is required as the archaeology component will provide in-depth field training. Ideally, the participants will be highly motivated individuals who seek a deeper knowledge of the Roman world, field archaeology, and current research tools for understanding the past through history and archaeology.

Modern Languages: International Experiential Learning in Barcelona - Culture Through the Ages

Dr. Silvia Perpiñán

This 3-week course in Barcelona explores cultural differences between the Mediterranean life and North American life through artistic expressions, history, food, and values. You will engage with the local culture, discover new places, and be exposed to new perspectives; ultimately, this experience will likely re-shape your identity in the global context.

English: Destination Theatre

Dr. Kim Solga and Dr. MJ Kidnie