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Faculty-led Study Abroad

Western provides a number of courses that include short-term (2-6 weeks) international learning experiences. The courses are Winter Term, so students are not paying Intersession fees; meet with the faculty member on campus between January to April, with intensive learning and travel taking place in Intersession. 

Are you a student interested in going abroad?

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Are you a Faculty member interested in creating a Global Experience?

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If you are interested in creating a new international program, you can contact Julie McMullin to inquire regarding funding possibilities from the International Curriculum Fund (ICF). You will then be required to submit an application to this program.

If you are receiving ICF, the Global Experience Coordinator from the Student Success Centre will contact regarding your initiative.


If you are not receiving ICF, you can contact the Global Experience coordinator at The Student Success Centre, to learn more about the support we can provide to make your Global Experience a reality.