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Western Serves Network

The WS Network provides ongoing and project-based support to nonprofit organizations in the London community, raising awareness of the social issues they tackle, and helping ensure organizations have the means to fulfill their respective mission statements.  

The WS Network provides our students with the opportunity to:

- Reach out and give back to the community
- Make use of the skills and knowledge they have gained through their undergraduate studies and apply them in real-life situations
- Get engaged and learn more about the social issues that are being served through our partner organizations

How does the WS Network function?

The WS Network organizational structure is set up to respond to needs identified by our community partner organizations. Requests for skilled student volunteers can be made to the Community Engagement Coordinator, who will work with a team of over 30 Western Serves Leaders to understand the needs of community, and assign a dedicated Leader to community partner projects. The Western Serves Student Coordinator will then work closely with the organization to further define the scope of projects and will then work to find Western students whose skills and interests would be a good fit for the project.

What types of work can students be involved in with community partners?

There are two main ways that students can get involved with the Western Serves Network:

1) Traditional Community Service
Western students will have the opportunity to get engaged in ‘traditional’ volunteering opportunities, which are directly related to service delivery or other non-academic related support for our community organizations. These activities can be ongoing or on a one-time basis. Examples of these kinds of involvement are: Event support and logistics, Childcare, Games and entertainment, Sports, Canvassing and fundraising, Phone support, Household chores (cooking, cleaning, painting, etc.)

2) Project Based Community Service
Western students will have the opportunity to directly apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in their undergraduate and/or graduate studies, by solving specific issues or providing specific outcomes to our community organizations, which fall outside of traditional volunteering placements. Examples of these kinds of projects are: Sustainability plans, strategies and initiatives;  Marketing and communications initiatives, Specialized teaching, Animal care, Planning and management-related initiatives, Programming and graphic design, Proofreading and writing

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in the London community for a one time project or on a continuing basis throughout the year, then all you need to do is join our roster and receive updates on upcoming projects and initiatives. Just send us an email to, and request to be added to the roster. You will receive our bi-weekly newsletter with upcoming opportunities.

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