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Connecting Western to volunteer opportunities in the London community

Orientation Serves

Saturday, September 9, 2017
12pm – 3pm

Previously known as Western Serves, Orientation Serves is a new program that will give first-year students the opportunity to learn about the London community from the moment they arrive in our city. The vision is that first -year students and their orientation volunteers will be sent to support the great work of many non-profit organizations across the community.

First-year students will be exposed to the critical issues that exist in London and society, including physical and mental health, environment, poverty, and more.

Orientation Month – Timeraiser

September 16 – October 6, 2017

You’ll be able to get involved with your community by signing up for available timeslots on CareerCentral for weekday evenings & all day weekends

First-year Students

This is an exciting opportunity to get involved from the beginning of your time at Western – all the details will be provided once you arrive. Make sure to log on to your co-curricular record and include your experiences on campus for resumes and communicating your skills to employers.

Upper-year Students

Opportunities to participate on the Western Serves Network coming soon.

Community Partner Registration

Orientation Serves

On this day there will be approx. 3000 first-year students available to contribute to projects throughout London and surrounding area. We are looking to accommodate groups of 40+ students per organization. However, should you have an opportunity that requires less than 40 students, send me an email and we will work to make arrangements.
If interested in ORIENTATION SERVES, please fill out the proposal form:


The Timeraiser will allow small to medium sized groups of (8-25) students to continue the work they began during their first week at Western. We hope to have two- to three- hour time slots for students to sign up for on weekday evenings and all-day during the weekends.
If you are interested in the TIMERAISER, please fill out the proposal form: