Reserve an Interview Room

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On-Campus Interview rooms are available from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Interview space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and priority is given to employers recruiting new graduates, interns and co-op students.

The Student Success Centre will make every effort to meet your request and to help us do this we ask that you request interview rooms at least 5 business days in advance.

Conditions of Use:
  • Free to employers with current job postings
  • Requests must be made at least 5 business days in advance
  • We require at least 1 business day to cancel your reservation. Cancellations without sufficient notice will be considered “no shows”
  • After two no shows, your organization will be unable to reserve space in our interview facility for the remainder of the academic year
  • Interview Candidates must be a Western Student or Western Alumni
  • Interviews begin no earlier than 8:30 am and conclude no later than 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
  • Recruiters who have  reserved an interview room but have arranged their own schedule must e-mail a copy of the interview schedule to at least 24 hours prior to their interviews.
  • Group interviews, or interviews with more than two students, are considered information sessions and are subject to applicable administrative and utility fees. See the information sessions page for more details
Reserving an Interview Room:

Please contact

Scheduling Your Candidates

The Student Success Centre is available to assist with scheduling your interview candidates for new graduate, intern and co-op positions. To use this service please e-mail the following information:

  1. Name of Organization and CareerCentral user name
  2. Position you wish to interview for
  3. The names and email addresses of the candidates you wish to interview
  4. The date you would like to conduct interviews
  5. The time you would like to begin interviewing
  6. The length of interviews
  7. Any scheduled breaks you would like
  8. Names of your interviewers
Direction and Parking Information

Interview Location: University Community Centre (UCC), Room 210 2nd Floor



*Stars indicate recommended parking lots (Social Science & Weldon)

For full maps see:

  • Follow Hwy 401 to Highbury Avenue Exit (#189)

  • Follow Highbury Avenue (north) to Oxford Street (9 kms)

  • Turn left (west) onto Oxford Street and follow to Wharncliffe Road (4 kms)

  • Turn right (north) onto Wharncliffe Road (becomes Western Road)

  • Turn right (east) onto Lambton Drive into campus

Parking and Parking Passes:
  • Turn right onto Lambton Drive (off of Western Road), continue around the circle and proceed to the Weldon Lot to park.

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  • Turn right onto Elgin Drive (off of Western Road), turn into the Social Science lot on the right to park (second road)

  • Provide the Parking Attendant with the name of your organization and you will be admitted entry

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The Student Success Centre will provide parking passes for a maximum of three campus visits (during the academic year). After three parking passes have been issued, your organization will be required to pay the attendant at the parking lot.

See for current parking rates

Arriving at UCC 210:

When you arrive at UCC 210 you will be greeted by our receptionist who will show you to your interview room and the Employer Lounge. 

Our receptionist will also be available throughout the day to greet your interview candidates and direct them to the waiting area where they can sit until they are called in for their interview.