Get a Job

Job searching takes time, work, and a positive attitude. Most people take a similar approach to job searching – responding only to posted positions and sending out generic resumes and cover letters. Few people are successful using these approaches. Both “who you know” and “what you know” are important. Most people secure employment through networking and accessing the “hidden job market”. Remember – until you meet a potential employer your resume and cover letter represent you. Make sure they present a positive first impression.

How to Look for a Job

The easiest way to answer the question “how do I look for a job?” is to find out the strategies your peers have used to successfully find work.

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Develop Your Networking Skills

Today, it is estimated that more than 80% of job openings are never advertised to the general public and, instead, are filled through referrals from employees, moves and promotions within an organization, formal and informal networks, and job seekers who have contacted a company directly. In other words, more than 80% of today’s jobs are filled through some form of networking.

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Find Advertised & Hidden Jobs

Advertised jobs are often those that are in high demand but with a low supply of workers, or in high demand with a high turnover of workers. The hidden job market exists because employers prefer to fill vacancies by methods other than advertising.

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Part-Time, School Year & Summer Jobs

One tangible way to start your career is through part-time, school year, or summer work. Such work builds your resume and lets you test the waters in your new field.

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On Campus Jobs
There are many opportunities for on-campus employment.  Think about the type of experience you want and the skills you wish to develop. Explore Western’s website to understand the different services, faculties and departments where you may find student employees.  Also consider asking your friends, professors, and departments for ideas of where you might work on campus that would align with your goals. Read More
New Grad Jobs

With graduation fast approaching, thoughts turn to finding your first post-university job. With questions such as, “what is it I want to do?”, “what jobs are available to new university graduates?”, and “where can I turn to for help or information about employment opportunities for new graduates?”, it may sound like an overwhelming task but help and resources are available.

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Start a Business

There are many online resources to help you research the possibility of starting your own business.

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