Experiential Learning

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Experiential learning refers to hands-on experience you obtain by applying theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting. We also call it learning outside the classroom! With experiential learning, you may have the chance to ‘test-drive’ a particular job, employment sector, or community organization to see if it is a good fit with your skills and interests. Other benefits include the development of skills such as teamwork, leadership, initiative, and communication. Experiential learning can complement your academic studies with relevant, rewarding experience as you build your resume and job search for the present and future.

Experiential learning can provide you with:

  • the opportunity for immediate application of classroom knowledge to the work world
  • the development of competencies related to career goals
  • the exploration of academic and career goals with professionals in the field to determine if the field is a good choice
  • an established network of professional contacts, mentors and references
  • practical employment experience that employers look for when hiring university graduates
  • increased responsibility for your own learning
  • a more rewarding university experience