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The Student Success Centre aims to connect Western students with local and global employers who contribute to students’ career development and ensure the on-going success of Western graduates in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Our programs can be broken down into 2 core areas: Recruitment Opportunities and Engagement Opportunities

Recruitment Opportunities

Employers who hire Western students report overwhelming satisfaction with the quality of their work and contributions.  Our students capitalize on Western’s “best student experience” and gain diverse knowledge and skills that will add value to your organization.  Recruit these students by participating in the following campus recruitment programs hosted throughout the year.

•    Fairs
•    Information Sessions
•    Employer Spotlight
•    Posting Positions
•    Western’s Internship program
•    On-Campus Interview Rooms


Engagement Opportunities

Professional job postings often include the words ‘experience required’.  Students in full-time academic study can find it challenging to obtain degree-related experience that prepares them for a successful job search following graduation.  The Student Success Centre works collaboratively with industry and community partners to provide students with engaging opportunities for experiential learning, networking and job preparation, both inside and outside the classroom.  Engage with these students by participating in the following programs hosted throughout the year.

•    Special Events (London Career Crawl, Case Competitions, Careers Week, and more!)
•    Campus Engagement (Job Shadow, Mentoring, Networking, Keynote/Panelist, Recruiter Hosted Workshop)